Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trial by jury in the U.S.

Pretty sad stuff from the WikiLeaks case:
Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, the Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking government files to WikiLeaks, will be stripped of his clothing every night as a “precautionary measure” to prevent him from injuring himself, an official at the Marine brig at Quantico, Va., said on Friday. Private Manning will also be required to stand outside his cell naked during a morning inspection, after which his clothing will be returned to him, said a Marine spokesman, First Lt. Brian Villiard.
Imagine how he'll be treated if he is actually convicted of anything.

I don't believe that U.S. oversight over most any aspect of the Internet will make things better. I don't expect them to support content carriers in the best of times, and certainly not ones like WikiLeaks that post material embarrassing to the U.S.

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