Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Programming in Scala available online

Artima has graciously agreed to post the first edition of Programming in Scala online for free. It's now easier than ever to learn about Scala.


Unknown said...


Lex, the next language I dig into seriously is surely going to be either Scala or Go -- I'll need to do some fairly heavy numerical crunching soon, and Python may not handle it gracefully.

(do you have thoughts on Go?)

Unknown said...

(oh, and what's the best way to buy the 2nd edition? do you get more royalties if it's bought from one place, versus another?)

Lex Spoon said...

Probably straight from However, there's no wrong way to buy a Scala book. Also, don't overlook the O'Reilley and APress Scala books for lighter intros.

For number crunching, be sure to consider R. I don't hear many language design enthusiasts talking about it, yet it's quietly taking over the world of scientific computing.

I briefly posted on Go before:

I think C could certainly use a reboot, but I'm mystified that Go includes a garbage collector.