Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Which city will first have auto autos?

Automatic automobiles, that is. Robin Hanson asks:
So a huge upcoming policy question is: when will what big cities manage to coordinate to change road law to achieve these huge auto-auto economic gains? Thirty years from now we may look back and lament that big city politics was so broken that no big cities could manage it. Or perhaps history will celebrate how the first big city to do it dramatically increased its importance on the world scene.

A good question. The commenters point to Brad Templeton's site, where he has done a lot of work to analyze just that question.

I'll ask a milder question than Robin. Where's the first city where we can even drive [sic] one of these cars at all? Ted Turner, are you reading? Wouldn't you like to ride around Atlanta in an auto auto?

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