Sunday, August 31, 2008

Theodore the Hermit Crab

I'm back from a lovely week with the family at the beach.  It was also my birthday, and Carrie was kind enough to give me a hermit crab.  She figured that since I had two hermit crabs growing up, I needed one again.  Here's what he looks like all shelled up:

Do you see him, back under the log thing?  He's hard to see because he's all curled up.  I just redid his cage and he's traumatized.  Fay and I made a Petsmart trip to get him a new shell and see if they have hermit crab food.  It turns out they have hermit crab food, and shells, and a thousand other hermit crab things besides.  We brought back:
  • a hollowed out log for him to hide inside
  • a shell-shaped nutrient cake, so he gets all his vitamins and minerals
  • calcium-enriched sand, which will hopeully keep his cage a little neater
  • "vacation" food cakes, which are big enough to last for a few days
  • a book on the care and feeding of hermit crabs
  • a shell
I hope he likes his new home.  We're going to try keeping him in the bathroom, where he can get misted once a day and where he'll have good company with the lobster statue you see behind him.  With our luck, now that we got his crib all spiffed up, he'll croak tomorrow.

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